About Us

About Us

Welcome to Magic Truffles Psilocybine Store

We provide high quality products as well as excellent customer service. Magic Mushroom Pharma takes pride in all of its merchandise. Using psilocybin to create new healthy lifestyle options. Our dried mushrooms, edibles, teas and micro doses are available.

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Magic Truffles Psilocybine Store was founded in 2016 by a group of people with a significant interest in mushrooms. Magic Mushroom Pharma has been making and trading magic mushrooms with friends over the years, which led to the establishment of the Online Mushroom Dispensary. Magic Mushroom Pharma has a large selection of Magic Mushroom products to choose from. Also available are Dried Magic Mushrooms, Microdose Capsules, Magic Mushroom Chocolates and Magic Mushroom Candies. We are committed to delivering items that are not only enjoyable to use, but also have a positive effect on mental health. Mushrooms activate the creative cells in your brain, giving you useful insight and creativity that can have a long-term beneficial impact.

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