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Koh Samui Magic Mushrooms
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Buy Koh Samui magic mushrooms to get to where it started

The Koh Samui strain is native to the beautiful Thai island bearing the same name. Centuries of isolation have made this Psilocybe cubensis develop into one of the most potent strains. It’s no wonder why thousands flock to Thailand just to experience Koh Samui magic mushrooms.

Would you dare to try them too? We’ve got the Koh Samui aplenty. The strain’s outstanding properties and relatively easy harvesting patterns make Koh Samui mushrooms popular among growers and simple to obtain for enthusiasts like you. Although these shrooms are always ready to show off their potency, many believe they are perfect for beginners.

How to cultivate Koh Samui mushrooms?

Have you ever wondered which Psilocybe cubensis is best for a novice grower? Meet Koh Samui mushrooms for sale.

The Koh Samui grows large, consisting of dozens of short-trunked yet thick shrooms with massive brown caps. To colonize your magic mushroom family, you will need to:

  • Use a substrate with straw, grain, and pasteurized dung
  • Maintain a stable temperature during the colonization stage (28℃ to 30℃)
  • Keep up to temperature standards during the cropping stage

Does it sound feasible to you? Fulfill your dream of becoming a mycologist and grower by adding these Koh Samui Thailand shrooms to your shopping cart. With us, you always know you’ll receive your vacuum-sealed Koh Samui right at your doorstep.

Grow your own Koh Samui or take time to set off on a spiritual experience of a lifetime!

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