Z-Strain Magic Mushrooms

Z Strain Mushroom History

Uncertainty surrounds the Z Strain mushroom’s appearance. The actual ancestry and history of this fungus remain unknown due to decades of underground cultivation, just like many mushroom strains. For at least 20 years—possibly even longer if you can go back to the early days of the internet—Z Strain spores have been exchanged online.
Naturally occurring magic mushrooms have a much longer and more well-known history. People have traditionally held Cubensis, the most common kind of psilocybin mushroom, in high regard and appreciation. The southern Mexican Mazatec people give the mushroom species a high spiritual and cultural importance. After R. Gordon Wasson, an amateur mycologist, published an image essay in Life Magazine .

Strain Hallucinogenic effects

A mild experience with Z Strain mushrooms can produce things like visual tracers and feelings of euphoria, interconnectedness, and transcendence. A large dose—often called a heroic dose—on the other hand, can produce effects that are much more profound.  Even for an experienced consumer, these effects can feel a bit jarring. Many psilonauts follow the adage “start low, go slow,” especially if you are new to this particular mushroom. The effects commonly associated with heroic doses include

Visuals of flying fractals and dancing lights
  • Altered auditory perceptions

  • Flashes of color

  • Synesthesia

  • Altered perception of time

  • Spatial illusions

For some people, heroic doses may inspire what scholars call a “mystical experience.” Mystical experiences connote feelings of “oceanic boundlessness,” which is an emotional state marked by “feelings of unity and transcendence of time and space.” Another hallmark of a mystical experience is “ego dissolution” or “ego death,” in which a person temporarily loses their sense of boundary between themselves, the world, and other beings. During a challenging psilocybin experience—a “bad trip”—the experience of ego dissolution can cause anxiety and distress.

Z Strain Dosage

Psilocybin mushroom dosage is often broken into four major categories: microdoses, low doses, moderate doses, and high doses. A microdose dose of Z Strain would be between .1 grams and 0.5 grams of dried mushrooms. A low dose of Z Strain mushrooms would be between 0.5 and two grams. This dosage is also sometimes referred to as a “functional dose” or a “creative dose,” as it is not intended to produce profound effects. Its effects can last anywhere between three and six hours, depending on your consumption method.

A moderate dose generally sits between two and 3.5 grams. This amount would give the consumer access to all of the effects (listed above) associated with moderate to large dosages. Dedicated psilonauts consume between 3.5 and five grams, with some risk-takers venturing beyond. The effects of a large dose can last up to 8 hours. The utmost caution is always recommended with psilocybin mushrooms, especially those embarking on high-dose journeys.

Z Strain Anatomical Differences

Z Strain is a medium-sized mushroom. Its cap is golden-brown, similar to the Golden Teacher mushroom—one of the reasons why people believe that Z Strain is genetic isolation of Golden teacher. However, no other evidence suggests a connection between the two mushrooms. Z Strain has a thick stalk that gets wider toward the base. The stalk is white, wrinkly, and displays small amounts of blue when bruised—indicating the presence of psilocybin.

Z Strain Shrooms Variations and Hybrids

As mentioned above, Z Strain is a varietal in the Psilocybe cubensis family of mushrooms. Variations within Z Strain mushrooms are the result of the genetics of the mushroom, the environment in which it was grown, and the choices the cultivator used to grow the mushrooms. There are no commonly cultivated mushroom variations or hybrids from which Z Strain is a parent.

Z Strain Mushrooms Effects and Characteristics

The primary psychoactive compounds in Psilocybe cubensis mushrooms—including Z Strain—are psilocybin and psilocin. Yet Psilocybe mushrooms also contain other potentially active compounds, including baeocystin and norbaeocystin. Like any experience with magic mushrooms, the amount you ingest, your personal body chemistry, and your environment are factors that color your overall psilocybin experience.

Additionally, well-grown Z Strain mushrooms can be quite potent, producing profound effects for those that choose to consume them in large quantities. Overall mushroom potency varies by growing conditions. Set and setting also play important roles during any trip. Set refers to the mindset you bring into the experience; setting refers to your environment and surroundings during the psilocybin journey.

Z-Strain Magic Mushrooms (Psilocybe Cubensis Z) is a newer strain created in the 90s. The Z-strain shroom was originally sold by a spore vendor named Spore Trading Post in the early days of the internet. There is some controversy as some in the community believed that SporeTradingPost rebranded someone else’s spores to be this new Z-strain. Others disprove this theory by showing that the Z-strain is an amazingly fast colonizer and have high potency.

Regardless of history and its origin stories, the Z-strain shrooms are a very popular amongst home growers as it is one of the most reliable strains to cultivate. Its appearance is medium to large mushrooms with a small to medium golden caps.

The Z-Strain magic mushrooms are known for their above average potency. The effects may vary from person to person and dependent on your set and setting. In general, the Z-strain is known to be energetic and provide users with creative impulses while still providing feelings of love and transcendence.

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